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Food and Beverage

Meet some of the tasty treats that have taken their business to the next level through the Business Entrepreneur Academy.


Corinne | Dinner’s Envision

Corinne may be quiet at first, but she means business. When Connie commits to something, she is all in, making everyone feel comfortable and loved. She creates beautiful and delicious dishes that are healthy and nutritious!

Dinners Envision, Personal Chef Service, is a unique food-service business which helps provide busy mom's affordable meals that are customized and prepared for clients in their home.


Ms. Lillian’s Louisiana Pie Spice

Ms. Lillian has been a baker her entire life! While learning recipes from her grandmother, she realized her dream was to bring the taste of her grandma's pies to others. In hopes of sharing the flavors of her youth, Ms. Lillian created her Pie Spice to conveniently share with customers the delicious and familiar flavors from her grandmother.


Tyler | Emerald Plate Experience

Tyler is a true artist with a passion for sharing his culinary creations with others. Chef Tyler is one of the most passionate graduates and he is committed to caring for everyone he meets. Since graduating in November 2017, Tyler’s business has expanded and grown in such a way that has allowed him to take his business to new levels! He quit his day job five months after finishing the Business Entrepreneur Academy and has recently begun renting space at our commercial kitchen space where he prepares for his many events! 



Rica Lee | Total Life Changes

Rica may seem quiet at first, but she is full of life and love for all! She sincerely wants the best for others and for them to live well! She sells Total Life Changes which offer health products for all; Rica is also a Zumba instructor!


Lisa | Elegant Rentals & Thriftnista

Lisa is a fun, sassy and stylish  person! She loves giving wardrobe makeovers for clients, relying on her knack of finding great deals and cool finds, Lisa helps others make a lasting impression.  She also has Elegant Rentals through which she offers an exceptional rental set up for styled photo shoots and events.


Cat | Puro Soy Candles

Cat’s candles capture life’s moments of joy by infused her products with scents reminiscent of good times. She and her mom have worked tirelessly to craft scents that re-center you - scents that calm the mind and allow you to reflect. Handmade in small-batches, Cat uses only the purest ingredients, encouraging customers to take a moment for themselves and indulge in the simple luxury of puro soy candles.



Stephanie | Moms Kids Kab

Stephanie has many roles; she is busy mother, active member in her church and community, business owner, and one of our Business Entrepreneurs Academy Facilitators! You will usually find Stephanie at any major event in town, serving her community! Her business is Mom’s Kids Kab of the Upstate, which serves as “leader in the transportation of your most precious cargo; your children, seniors, and those needing medical transport!"


Jenica Jenkins | Set Free

Jenica is one of the most pleasant people to be around! Always positive and encouraging, she also has a great eye for interior design as well as a heart to help others! Jenica is a trained counselor and her desire is to help anyone along the journey to becoming more of the person they are meant to be. Along with her new endeavor to help clients decorate their homes, she is welcoming in conversation and a joy to work with each and every day.


Veronica | Solid Foundation Reading Academy

Veronica struggled with reading herself until the 3rd grade, but with the help of a wonderful tutor she was able to overcome her reading difficulties. She is now a certified teacher who wants to improve lives through literacy. Veronica has a passion to help struggling readers, not only become stronger as individuals but also to help grow their desire to read. Currently, she is tutoring during the summer in Abbeville and would love to connect with those needing encouragement in their literacy journey. 

Social Enterprise

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Erniko | Love Bella Rose

Erniko is a woman with many dreams, all aimed to love and help others! Love Bella Rose is her first project to provide plus size business attire for all women. She also hopes to use her business for job training in the non-profit sector! Erniko is excited about her work and now is working to execute her business plans and gain funding for her venture.

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Equator | Life of Pearls

Equator lives by her saying that "you are your brand”! She rocks pearls each day and makes sure that every person she meets walks away wanting to wear her pearls! Equator is a mover and shaker and one of the most connected people in her community. She is using her business and passion for styling others with pearls to speak into the worth of domestic violence survivors. Her story and encouragement is gaining traction!